A Home Watch Primer

If you've ever owned a vacation home, no doubt you've experienced uneasiness about what happens to it while you're away. The truth is a lot can happen to your property when you're not there!

Sure, you can hire a neighbor, or even the president of your homeowner's association to look after your home while you're gone. But what if you have a leak which breeds mildew on your walls and your neighbor forgets to check your home in a few weeks? What recourse do you have?

The best way to protect your investment is to hire someone to periodically check in on it during your absence. With this in mind, we designed this primer to answer some questions you may have regarding home watch companies and their services. Inside you'll find out:

  • Exactly what home watch companies check in regards to
  • Your home's exterior
  • The interior of your home
  • Miscellaneous areas surrounding your home
  • How Home Watch is different from a Home Inspection
  • Why you should strongly consider hiring a home watch company
  • Who you should hire
  • How often you should have someone visit your property

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