About Us

About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Since 1981 we have been serving your needs in Southwest Florida. We have enjoyed building our company for the last three decades right here in paradise. Our business is truly family owned and operated. The company is owned by myself, Dave Harting, my wife Sharon Slosar-Harting, and my son Jonathan.

While working closely with family and friends brings about its own special challenges we wouldn’t have it any other way. Really, what could be better than working with the ones you love?

Vision Statement

    • We believe we are a Customer Service Company that also just happens to be a Professional Cleaning Business.
    • We believe that reducing stress and headaches for our clients will increase their productivity and in turn our success.
    • We believe our service should continually improve with time.
    • We believe our company and our service is better than it was 6 months ago and 6 months from now it will improve even more.

  • We believe that "if we help enough people get what they want we will get what we want." -Zig Ziglar
  • Do you have any questions? Time to schedule one of our cleaning services? Contact us or call (239) 936-7700 today!