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About Us

I am often asked by business owners and fellow entrepreneurs; “how do you find and retain so many good employees?” The answer is simple. We don’t have employees. We have family members. Over the last 40 years we have strived to eliminate the “us” (management) and “them” (employee) mentality. We continually worked on improving our company culture and gradually changed our thinking and attitude to “we” or more specifically “family.”  

Most companies have lengthy core values, mission statements or vision statements about the purpose of their organization. Ours is simply three words:

Family - Client - Company

Let me explain. By family, we mean not just our literal children, spouses or relatives but also our fellow workers and colleagues. So, put simply, the needs of this “extended family” come first. These needs supersede the needs of our clients (customers) and they also come ahead of the company’s need to make a profit. This idea is considered crazy in most of the corporate world where money always comes first. However, for Crystal Clean putting family first not only works, it has helped the company grow and prosper year after year. But more importantly, it makes life more enjoyable.


And what could be better than working with family and friends?

Next in our core values are the needs of the client. So, just as the family comes ahead of the client, the client comes ahead of the company. This goes much deeper than the much over hyped cliché’ of “customer service”. Whether family member or client, it’s really a matter of finding out “what they want.” History has taught us that most want:

  • to be appreciated

  • to be heard or listened to

  • to be recognized for their efforts

  • to feel welcome and to be a part of something

  • to be treated fairly and with respect

  • to have opportunities for advancement


So, there you have it. That’s how we find and retain so many good people. If you know someone that shares these priorities and values, please let us know. We are always looking for the right people to join the Crystal Clean family.   


Dave Harting

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