Janitorial Services

Crystal Clean is literally a “One Stop Shop” when it comes to professional janitorial cleaning services...

  • Do you have cleaning headaches?

  • Is your current crew in a rut and doing a mediocre job, at best?

  • Are corners are getting cut, rather than cleaned?

  • Does it feel like a new cleaning person appears every month or two?

  • Are you concerned about hygiene as well as the health and safety of your staff?

  • Is your cleaning company trustworthy and reliable?

How do I choose the best cleaning company?

  • Use a locally owned and operated company that uses its own employees rather than subcontractors.

  • Franchisors and franchisees will never care as much as a local owner.

  • By definition, subcontractors are not directed and controlled by the cleaning company you hire.

  • Franchisees are in effect subcontractors and often not fully insured. (see below)

  • Local owners care about their reputation and standing in the community.

What should I do to qualify a cleaning company?

  • Be sure to ask for current references and years in business (industry tip - who they cleaned for in the past is irrelevant).

  • Call the references, ask frank questions and assure they're current clients are satisfied.

  • Be sure to ask how they've cleaned for these clients!

INDUSTRY TIP — "Insurance Certificates"

  • Ask for an insurance certificate that names you as "additional insured" — anyone can insure a couple of employees and have an insurance certificate without covering ALL of their workers, and even their sub-contractors.

  • By asking to be specifically names on the insurance certificate, you will receive documents directly from the insurance carrier.  You will be covered and avoid exposure as long as the policy does not expire.

  • Many unscrupulous cleaning companies either choose to be exempt from workers compensation or simply do not have the coverage they represent. And guess what? You, the client can be liable for damages and even injuries.


We offer a wide variety of cleaning services any or all of which can be tailored to your particular needs and budget. As a full service cleaning company we not only offer full janitorial services but we also offer:

  • Janitorial Services

  • Condominium Association Common Area Cleaning

  • Pressure Washing

  • Window Washing

  • Drone Roof Washing

  • Green Cleaning

  • Coronovirus Disinfection Services

We also have expertise in concrete maintenance for warehouse floors or building exteriors, and marble, wood, vinyl tile floor maintenance.

We also understand the need to be flexible with scheduling and pricing. Perhaps you need to increase or decrease services due to seasonal fluctuations or unexpected budget changes. As a true full service business we will adjust to your needs.


We hire and train the best people and pay them more than our competitors so we have to cut out wasted time and inefficiencies to stay competitive. Our industry is constantly evolving with better systems, better equipment and better processes. 

All of our people are thoroughly vetted, background checked and must align with our core values. If someone is not a team player, they do not work for Crystal Clean. End of story. 


Call us for a free consultation and cleaning program assessment for your facility.

At no charge, we can tailor a cleaning program to YOUR needs. One that is efficient and removes much of the wasted time and “old school” thinking in your current plan.

We love a challenge and can often suggest innovative and eco-friendly solutions to enhance the appearance of your office without breaking the budget.

Our 40 years in business have taught us a thing or two about providing the best customer service possible at a fair price. (Not always the lowest price but certainly the best value).

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