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Roof Washing & Cleaning

Roof Cleaning & Washing - Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral

Do you have mold growing on your roof? Do you want to add years of life to your roof? It is time to take control and get rid of that mold?

Pressure washing commercial and residential roofs can eliminate this issue and add years to the life of the roofs, postponing the expense of having to put a new roof on and also getting rid of the eyesore that used to be there. I know what you’re thinking, “The mold will just grow back and I will have to pressure wash every year to keep it looking nice and add to the life of the roof so I’m really just replacing one expense with another.”

That’s the great part about using us for your roof pressure washing is we use a biodegradable chemical to kill mold and keep it from growing back for 1 year guaranteed. If it does grow back then we will come back out, no charge to you, and pressure wash your roof again.

Also, when one year is up we offer a reapplication at a fraction of the cost of the original cleaning. This eliminates the need for anyone to walk on or pressure wash your roof again. This also extends the guarantee another year so you have nothing to worry about.

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