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Pressure Washing

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Are you tired of the unsightly mold and mildew that stains your condo buildings and walkways?

We have all been caught up in the confusing misinformation of other cleaners. They spray bleach down on problem areas and say it solves the problem only to find a couple days later that the mold has returned with a vengeance.


This is a common misconception in the cleaning world.


The problem in treating mold and mildew using only bleach is that it does nothing to actually remove the problem.


Instead all it does is turn the mold and mildew into a clear version of itself. Within a couple of days of dirt and dust collecting on the problem spots they turn right back into an unsightly mess.

Pressure washing your condo buildings is a quick and easy way to get your condo back to looking like new.


When your neighbor drags his leaking trash bag down the stairs and across the walkway, wouldn’t you love to see that removed?


Or perhaps your grounds crew leaves a mess on the sidewalks from muddy shoes?

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Pressure washing high traffic areas not only helps to clean but also removes unseen chemical residue that is tracked onto your painted walkways.


These chemicals accelerate the wear and tear of the paint and concrete.


Without treatment on a regular basis this will shorten the life span of the paint and force you and your neighbors to pay extra assessments to paint the building prematurely.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why spend money on pressure washing to save money on repainting the walkways?”


Well why do we spend money to fix our cars or computers if we can just buy another one?


Simple, it is cheaper to pressure wash and maintain our condo than it is to repaint.


Pressure washing also extends the life of the current paint and saves us the headache of trying to match the paint, knowing the entire time that once we pick it out and apply the paint it will not match what was previously there.

We use the proper amount of pressure, our solutions are eco-friendly (safe for your plants, bushes & trees), and we promise to treat you extremely well! 


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Making pavers SHINE in Southwest Florida — We offer complete pressure washing services:

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