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Condo Association Common Area Cleaning

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Let the Experts Take Care of the
Common Area Cleaning

Let the Experts take care of your Common Area Cleaning a.k.a. “Association Cleaning”

“Nothing is more challenging, and yes rewarding, than satisfying a property manager, several board members and numerous residents.”

Association board members, our hats are off to you for volunteering your time and energy to improve your property!


While this is often a thankless job, you don’t need to hear constant complaints from fellow owners about the cleaning service. There is an alternative...


We’ll work with you to develop a flexible building exterior cleaning program that meets the needs of your property and your residents.


Rather than repeatedly “cleaning what is clean” a little planning and forethought allows us to use the allotted time and resources more efficiently, accomplish more and still stay on budget.


A true win, win scenario.

We have engaged in all types of janitorial services since 1981, Condominium Common Area Cleaning or Association Cleaning is one of our focal points.


When we get called to give a cleaning proposal, we often hear that the current company:

  • “started off great but as time went on…”

  • “keeps changing cleaners and there is no consistency…”

  • “has cleaners that are always on their phones…”

  • “Does not get it, Crystal Clean…” (Ok I made that one up!)

Simply by listening to you, the owners, board members and property managers we know what matters to you the most.

Focusing on key common areas such as elevators, lobbies and pool areas can relieve and avoid many unnecessary headaches.

Just a little extra attention to detail makes all the difference.

What separates us from the pack:


Family – Client – Company

Our literal family and family of coworkers comes first.

Next comes the needs of our clients and last is the bottom line or needs of the company. In other words we only hire and retain “team players”, no self-centered prima donnas allowed.

While this is the exact opposite of corporate America this is at the root of our success..


  • We only hire and retain those that believe in and follow our core values (Click Here for Video)

  • We’re experienced

  • Successfully serving Southwest Florida for 40 years!

  • Our sincere desire to help others

  • We love solving problems with innovative thinking

How refreshing would it be to have someone say “how high” when you say jump?


No doubt, you are tired of hearing “I’ll get back to you” or “let me check the contract.”

Our experience in Association Cleaning has taught us that when we reduce your headaches and frustration, we reduce hours at the same time.

Life is so much better when everyone wins.

As Zig Ziglar often said:

“You can get everything you want in life, if you first help enough other people get what they want.”


  • Call or text us for a free consultation.

  • We will customize a cleaning program that eliminates waste and fits your specific needs.

  • At no charge, we will demonstrate the latest innovations in our industry.

  • We will put you in touch with numerous properties that have used our services for decades.

  • We will demonstrate eco-friendly ways to kill mold & algae with no harmful bleach or damaging high pressure.

Call or text us at (239) 936-7700

or contact us today!

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