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How A Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help You Improve Your Workplace

Commercial spaces are highly trafficked throughout the day, which brings dirt, germs, trash, and other unwanted items into the workplace. Whether you are a commercial building owner, facilities manager, or individual office that needs cleaning, our commercial cleaning company is ready and available to assist you. You do not need to add a cleaning crew onto our payroll. Rather, you can trust and rely on the local cleaning company that has met and exceeded industry standards since 1981 – Crystal Clean. When you turn to us for our commercial cleaning needs, we will help improve your workplace.

Provide a Clean Workplace for Employees

A clean workplace provides improves the overall morale of tenants/employees in a commercial space. No one wants to work in an environment that is rarely clean, especially if it is obvious. Door handles, carpets, common areas, and bathrooms all need to be cleaned properly and often to provide a well maintained, clean workplace. Our commercial cleaning company can provide a range of services you need that can meet your everyday janitorial needs and even the most specific needs, such as pressure washing, construction cleaning, and more.

Remove Dirt & Germs From Your Tile & Grout

One of the dirtiest areas in your commercial space is the floor, especially tile floors. While your tile floor may be mopped often, it is only pushing around the dirt and germs across the surface and into the grout. With the number of individuals walking on the tile every day, it’s important to keep up with the tile and grout cleaning to prevent a large buildup of dirt and germs. This is especially true in the COVID-19 era now that new research has proven the virus lives on the bottom of shoes.

Our commercial cleaning company can help keep new tile floors pristine and bring old floors back to life with a consistent cleaning schedule. We use the best solutions and tools on the market to keep your tile and grout looking as good as the day it was installed. Better still, we will not interrupt your daily operations. Rather, you will simply know we have came in and done our job when you see your shiny tile floors the next day.

Keep Your Workplace Free of COVID-19

One of the greatest concerns in this day and age is COVID-19. With a consistent grout and tile cleaning schedule along with daily cleaning of the most touched surfaces, our commercial cleaning company can help you improve your workplace and keep everyone safe from the virus.

We are currently offering a special on our coronavirus commercial treatment package to help create the most sanitary environment for your tenants/employees to complete their daily activities. We proudly service commercial properties in and around Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and Naples. We are ready and available to provide any commercial cleaning services you need. Please contact us today to discuss your needs or to ask any questions you may have.

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