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September 2018 Newsletter

When I first moved to Fort Myers in 1990 the first thing I noticed in the business community, was the incredible potential due to the robust economy in Southwest Florida. I realized way back then, that there was unlimited work available for a growing service business. The ONLY limiting factor was: How many “good people” can one find and hire? And that’s the key phrase – “good people”. It took us years to figure out how to find the best people and keep them engaged with Crystal Clean. In other words, the people with the right attitude. The people that understood and valued teamwork.

To further advance that process, we have a new project in September, and I would like to ask for your help. We will be creating a new hire recruiting video to help us locate more good people like yourselves. We are investing in and developing a professionally filmed and edited video that will include several of our Crystal Clean family members. The video will be used on the “Career Opportunities” page of our website. In addition, it will also be posted on our social media sites, used during interviews with prospective employees, at job fairs, during new hire orientation and embedded in emails to interested individuals.

We especially need short testimonials from family members highlighting exactly what they like about working here. We also need “extras”. People in the background as we film in and around our office facility. Please text or email Rachelle if you are available to help us out. We are planning to film on Wednesday September 26th.

The project will involve a great deal of preparation and planning so In closing let me say: Gracias por todo lo que haces. (Thank you for all you do)

EZInventory System

As we grow and expand, we will need to continue to innovate, in order to keep everything moving along. To help with that, Crystal Clean is implementing a new inventory system to keep track of our supply inventory, keys and vehicles. This will help us to track expenses and supplies, as well as coordinate the usage of our vehicles. No more asking “who has Kia #14?”

What does this mean for me?

  • If you use any of the company vehicles, you now have a reservation system available to schedule when you’ll be taking it.

  • Items and products will be scanned into the system upon arrival to our warehouse, and scanned out when going out to our accounts.

  • This, along with our Swept software, will ensure that we never run out of the materials that you need to serve the Clients.

Stay Safe At Night!

Many of our accounts involve night-time or early morning cleaning. It’s important that our Family members stay safe when working these hours alone!

Here are a few tips to stay safe on the job:

  • If you have a cell phone, be sure to keep it charged and within arm’s reach. Make sure that you are always able to call for help, if the need arises.

  • Lock the doors! When working indoors at night, or when the business is closed, be sure to lock the exterior doors, and prevent anyone else from entering the building.

  • Make sure that someone is expecting you. Be sure that someone knows what time you’ll be home, or at another location, so that they can call for help if you don’t come back on time.

  • Park close to the door. Always keep your car as close to the building exit as possible, to shorten your time outside.

Basic Self-Defense

It never hurts to learn some basic self-defense techniques, in case you ever need them.

Remember that, in the event of an assault, your main priority should be to get to safety as quickly as possible! Do not worry about cleaning supplies, equipment, or anything else. Your safety is all that matters.

  • Lace your keys through your fingers. You can do this any time you feel threatened, or before going outside alone.

  • Put a whistle on your keychain. This can be used to distract the assailant, and to call for help, allowing you time to escape the situation.

  • Call for an escort. If you ever feel threatened before leaving the building, call 911, and ask for a police escort to your vehicle. The police will provide this service at any time, any where. This is why we pay taxes!

Employee of The Month September 2018 Marcelino Gonzalez

Marcelino is our employee of the month for September. Marcelino and his wife are from Jalisco, Mexico. They’ve been in the US for 15 years now. Marcelino’s daughters, ages 17 and 14, are part of the Inter-School Swimming Competition, as well as the USA Swimming Team.

As a family, they enjoy going to the different amusement parks. Last year, they purchased the yearly pass to Universal Studios. Marcelino is very dedicated to his family and his work.

He says he is also very grateful to the company for giving him the opportunity to join the Crystal Clean family and trusting him to do the best job possible.

Swept is Coming!

We are working hard to implement a new tool for consolidating all of our “family knowledge” into an app on your phone! Swept is a renowned application for janitorial businesses that can put together all of our cleaning specifications, schedules, customer feedback, and communication into a single, easy to use package.

What does this mean for me, you say?


  • Send and receive feedback, messages, and photos instantly with our team of supervisors.

  • Inform us of any issue with our service, at any time!

Team Leaders

  • Conduct inspections using a simple checklist on the phone app.

  • Send and receive direct messages with our clients, share photos and feedback instantly.

  • Receive supply requests from your cleaners through the app, and check them off as they are fulfilled.

  • This will enable you to handle small problems in real time, before they become big ones!

Front Line Cleaners

  • You will be able to request supplies directly through the app, from the job site.

  • A clear list of the job specifications will be available for each location, which will help avoid any confusion about what needs to be done. You can see the actual promised tasks between our Family and the Client.

  • Instantly communicate with your supervisors, and share pictures of any issues that you find.

  • Leave feedback after each shift, share your comments or feelings about the job!


  • Instant translation for over 100 languages! Supervisors can set each account to display the cleaning specifications, translated to any language, instantly.

Current Status: The app is currently rolled out to our supervisors and managers. They will be setting everyone’s schedules and assigning cleaners to the correct accounts. The next step will be a general rollout to our Cleaners, for everyone to use. We are gaining traction quickly, and including more of our Family in the new process every day. If you’d like to see what’s available now, please contact your team leader for login details. We can have an invitation sent to your email or phone number, on request.

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